In the early hours of a Wednesday morning (as tales were told) a healthy baby girl was born to beautiful Fijian parents – Lani & Meli. The year 1991 on the 3rd of July was the beginning of my life & was also the day I was named after my beautiful great-grandmother & one of my favourite aunties. Mum & Dad both came from big families so growing up I was always fortunate to be surrounded by crazy cousins, funny uncles & LOUD aunties.  


L-R: Mum & I with 2 cousins Vatu & Baby.

My best memories was when school holidays came around. I would spend it with my cousins in the village or sometimes at the family holiday house at the resort in Rakiraki, Nausori. From swimming in the clear blue waters, climbing mango trees with my cousins, building sandcastles or eating fresh fish caught from the sea my holidays were never             boring. ♬

20140419-231853.jpg Although it sounded like a tropical holiday (which it was) that was honestly the typical life growing up in the Islands. I was incredibly blessed to have the mentality to not be bothered about not having the latest toys or designer clothes. We were happy with a pack of cards & the temporary tattoos from the bubblegum’s wrappers. It didn’t matter where we were playing as long as we had each other & to me having that in itself was my favourite childhood memory!

Island memories *sighs*


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